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HR Pack

HR Pack

Printable HR Collection, which comprises more than 100 websites of free printable templates for home and business purposes, has dozens of forms useful for HR departments of organizations both large and small. This packet, with 50 curated designs, features the best and most popular templates available at, along with several bonus forms from and

Attendance and Benefits

When it comes to employee payment and benefits, organization is key. These forms include payroll and benefit sheets, direct deposit and overtime authorizations, absence and attendance forms, and vacation requests. Discipline and Termination Creating a thorough paper trail for disciplinary actions or termination is easy with these forms that outline firing for a cause, warnings, probation, discipline, improvement plans, and demotions. Each one clearly outlines the issues present, steps taken, and direct consequences for failure to comply.


Evaluation forms are ideal for companies who want to focus on performance and productivity. These templates allow supervisors to evaluate employees or new candidates, employees to evaluate themselves, and departing employees to provide feedback for the business. There is even a promotion letter for employees who have been evaluated favorably.


Find the right new employee with the hiring forms that range from job application and description templates to interview schedules to offer letters to orientation checklists. Several employee record forms are available as well that can be put into use as soon as a new hire joins.


Company policies are a great way to make sure all employees are clear on acceptable and unacceptable office behavior. Sample policies cover topics such as drug testing, social media use, sexual harassment and non-disparagement.


Keep a safe environment at your business with violation notices, grievance forms, safety checklists, and incident and injury reports.

Whether you’re hiring, firing or something in between, these papers can all be printed as a PDF or DOC file. Some are also available as an XLS spreadsheet. Choose between color (when available) and black and white, and remember to always print at 100% so that the designs stay true to size.

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