Business Plan Templates

Start-Up Pack

Start-Up Pack

Printable Start-Up Collection, which comprises more than 100 websites of free printable templates for home and business purposes, has dozens of forms useful for start-up companies and entrepreneurs. This packet, with 50 curated designs, features the best and most popular templates available at and, as well as several bonus forms from,, and

Client Forms

Starting a business doesn’t just mean having a great idea—it also means getting clients and customers to patronize your business. Client forms include contracts, letters announcing sales and new products, order forms, and a contact log.


When populating your start-up with new employees, streamline your process with premade job application and interview forms, a scheduling plan and attendance records. There’s also an incident report and business cards that can be customized.


The vital process of calculating costs and income can be made easier with the many money forms available, including a capital calculator, expense reports, investment contracts, a credit application, payroll statements, cash vouchers, and bookkeeping records.


From simple one-page plans to plans that cover pricing, operations, and marketing, there are designs that should help you get your business off the ground. There’s also a competitor worksheet, a checklist, and a business proposal.

Whenever you turn that dream into a reality, these papers can all be printed as a PDF or DOC file. Some files are also available as an XLS spreadsheet. Choose between color (when available) and black and white, and remember to always print at 100% so that the designs stay true to size.

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