Business Plan Templates
Business Introduction Letter Partnership template

Sample text from Business Introduction Letter Partnership:


To: {Name}
      {City, State, Zip}

Dear {Recipient},

I am excited to introduce to you the newest player in the {field} market: {Company Name}. {Company} was founded in {month/year} and was built with the express purpose of {purpose}. As {Recipient Company} is a leader in {complementary field}, I am confident that a partnership would be mutually beneficial.

{Description of Company size, location, goals, accomplishments}.

As {Company} expands its product line ({number} new {products}) and increases its client base ({percentage} in just the last {amount of time}), we are looking for a {supplier/shipper/importer} like {Recipient Company}. {Reasons for targeting Recipient Company}.

We at {Company} greatly admire your business model and work ethic and would love to partner with you to increase the success of both our companies. Please contact me at {contact information} to discuss this opportunity in greater detail. Thank you for your time.



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