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Adult Senior Daycare Business Plan template

Sample text from Adult Senior Daycare Business Plan:

1.0 Executive Summary

COMPANY NAME is a start-up nonprofit located in [CITY], [STATE]. The company is privately owned by INSERT NAME(S) who have extensive experience in the Personal Care Service industry, and have maintained excellent reputations in this same industry. The Company is situated in a group location, and the business space encompasses 2500 square feet.

COMPANY NAME is the Owners' other company, which is a successful for-profit company. COMPANY NAME is the spin-off non-profit company, which was created for the purpose of providing PCA services to people who cannot afford the services provided by COMPANY NAME, and people who don't have Medicaid and Medicare.

The Owners are seeking grant funding in the amount of $500,000. The money will be used to fund the community for services for Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) to enter into homes of clients who cannot afford the services. COMPANY NAME provides services to adult clients with handicaps/disabilities or who are developmentally challenged. Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) provide the following types of in-home assistance to clients:

• Bathing, grooming, and toileting

• Light housekeeping

• Meal preparation

• Shopping transportation

• Money management

• Companionship

• Social services

A grant or a series of grants, amounting to $500,000 is anticipated by COMPANY NAME in order to successfully execute its objectives. The funding will be used for additional staff, computer equipment, website design and marketing and will be allocated as follows:

Staff: $300,000 per year

Marketing: $15,000 per year

Manager salaries: $140,000 per year

Although COMPANY NAME has not started operation due to lack of funding, the company currently has a waiting list for clients in need of in-home care services. During the first year of operations the company looks to service a minimum of 100 clients per month at the rate of $15 per hour. Sales in this type of business are directly related to quality patient service and utmost satisfaction from referring physicians and health care facilities. It is perpetual business. One doesn't sell home health care; rather one sells excellent care, availability, and effective interpersonal relationships.

In a service industry, growth can mean loss of quality control, which in turn leads to client dissatisfaction. The services COMPANY NAME provides should always reflect the mission and oversight of management. The Owners want their clients to know that the quality of service they receive will be excellent, regardless of the individual service provider performing the service.

The Owners will therefore avoid the temptation to broaden the scope of COMPANY NAME's services too quickly. Rather, they will focus their immediate attention on making the services that are offered of the highest possible quality. Only when those services are well-established and grounded in excellence will the Owner's consider expanding the service base.

COMPANY NAME's Net Worth is expected to be ($39,992) in 2010, ($16,486) in 2011, and $310,898 in 2012, respectively.

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