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Sample text from Dog Training Business Plan:

1.0 Executive Summary

This business plan for [Company Name] projects sales, profits and losses, cash flow, and balances for the next 3 years with the factor of $500,000 in grant funding sought by the company for expansion purposes included in those figures. This funding is instrumental to the growth of [Company Name] in that it will allow for the purchase of a property, in which a facility may be installed that will allow for Board and Training service, an otherwise unavailable (and lucrative) feature of the company. This plan will also reflect on marketing strategies, web plans, demographic considerations, milestones for the company to meet, and an explanation of the company's nature and past performance.

1.1 Objectives

[Company Name]'s Objectives over the next 3 years are to implement new services (such as an expanded Board and Train program), create a uniform and consistent means of client feedback, expand the range and depth of education for our trainers, become a greater presence in local animal rescue programs, and to increase our workload through advertising, a web presence, and client referrals. The primary objective of [Company Name] and the intended use of the $500,000 in grant funding sought is to implement a Board and Train program, in which owners will have their dog(s) stay in a comfortable facility where they will be well fed and groomed and can choose whether or not to also pay for training services during the dog's boarding time. Another new service will be the recording and distribution of a dog training DVD, each containing a series of cumulative lessons that can be purchased from both the store and from websites such as [Company Name] will also produce and maintain a survey for clients to fill out, explaining their likes and dislikes regarding our service. Employees of the company will also be subject to higher scrutiny in the form of knowledge tests.

We will increase our revenue both by more comprehensive advertising and via increased client referrals based on the new facility we will purchase and the increased quality in our service.

1.2 Mission

Our mission is to improve and enhance pack leader-dog/pack relationships by educating our clients utilizing proven skills and techniques. Combined with instruction and information on a variety of topics, we train dogs and their owners to be become better citizens and a more cohesive family unit.

1.3 Keys to Success

[Company Name]'s keys to success are exceptional customer satisfaction with process and results of the training, a positive reputation in the community from our support of programs and initiatives that better the animal community (primarily Dog RESCUE societies), and the convenience of behavior training services in-home or in our facility through the Board and Train service.

2.0 Company Summary

[Company Name] is currently a home-based business operating in the Greater Central [STATE] Area. We have been in operation since August, 2007, and provide in-home dog training. We travel to our clients' homes and offer a variety of training programs designed to accommodate individual clients' needs. These needs may include: behavioral, obedience, aggressive issues, puppy issues, new dog acclimation, pack development, and canine good citizen evaluation. Follow-ups are sometimes conducted in public places or dog parks to further develop obedience skills. All business is conducted through a home office, relying strongly on phone consultation and web site point of contact. Accounting and Payroll services are contracted.

2.1 Company Ownership

[Company Name] is an S-corporation, privately run and owned entirely by [OWNER'S NAME].

2.2 Company History

The Past Performance table shows A [Company Name]'s sales, assets, liabilities, and capital for the year 2008 and for 2009.

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