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Flight Training Aviation Business Plan template

Sample text from Flight Training Aviation Business Plan:

1.0 Executive Summary


COMPANY NAME is seeking funding in order to expand the training services and marketing efforts of a 12-year old airline pilot training service. The firm trains pilots in Boeing 737, Boeing 757/767, Airbus 320, and Boeing 777/787 (proposed offering). The firm has very strong relationships with both the airlines that hire these pilots as well as the FAA, the federal agency that oversees the airline industry. COMPANY NAME is a FAA-approved training company.


COMPANY NAME is located in [CITY], [STATE].

The Organization

The business is a C-CORP and is owned 51/49 by INSERT NAME(S)(a married couple who reside in Seattle, WA).


The firm is a Part 142 Training Center that is certified by the FAA to offer training for pilots who are seeking certifications for:

Boeing 737/300-900 New Generation

Boeing 757/767

Boeing 777/787 (proposed Offering)

The Market

The school markets to students interested in becoming pilots and as well as to airlines that are looking to hire pilots. The firm offers training for the Boeing 737 and Boeing 757/767 aircrafts. The firm plans to expand its training by adding certification training in the new Boeing 777/787. COMPANY NAME is located in [CITY], [STATE] and was established in 1994. The firm plans to expand by opening small, 200 offices as well as increasing its marketshare from China, India, Central America, and South America.

Financial Considerations

COMPANY NAME is projecting $549,729 in sales during year 1 and a net profit after taxes of $16,470. COMPANY NAME is requesting $280,000 in grant funding in order to hire the personnel and purchase assets needed to expand the firm's training offerings as well as expand the firm's market presence in the U.S., China, India, Central America, and South America.

The major focus for grant funding is as follows:

1. The firm is minority-owned.

2. Hire employees; the property manager will look to hire veterans, minorities, and the unemployed.

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