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Gutter Cleaning Services Business Plan template

Sample text from Gutter Cleaning Services Business Plan:

1.0 Executive Summary

[COMPANY NAME] is owned by OWNER'S NAME and is currently located at [ADDRESS], [CITY], [STATE]. The Company installs gutter systems and accessories for both homeowners and commercial properties. Each service is performed with an attention to detail that makes it different from its competition.

[COMPANY NAME] is requesting $229,000 in grant funding, so that it can support its plan to grow the Company and target a wider market. In order to reach its market segments, the Company plans to invest $47,000 into upgrading equipment, with a further $100,000 supporting the payroll of 2 new employees. New supplies will also be purchased in the amount of $24,000 and the Company will also be able to pay off their current debts ($24,000) to its vendors.

[COMPANY NAME] plans to become the leading provider of gutter services in its area of [AREA], located in [CITY], [STATE]. This means continuing to always have the best and most efficient facilities and processes. To achieve this, the Company plans to invest in many ways that will pay off in competitive advantages for its customers. The long term strategy for the Company is to become the most sought after gutter installer, whose clients demand nothing but the best attention to detail. The Company understands that each homeowner has a set of desires and concerns during this process. The owners take care to address the specific needs of each homeowner, to best of their abilities, ensuring a more comfortable working relationship and to provide each client with the best possible customer service.

1.1 Objectives

[COMPANY NAME] has several objectives it aims to achieve. They are:-

1. Sales of $200,000 and higher by 2012.

2. To pay off all debt by the end of 2010.

3. To hire two new employees in order to expand operations and support an increased growth.

1.2 Mission

[COMPANY NAME]'s mission is to provide its customers with the highest quality service at affordable prices. The Company aims to complete each project on time, while still focusing on the details of the job, to ensure that it is done 'right' the first time, so the client does not have to return for further work.

1.3 Keys to Success

[COMPANY NAME] have several keys to success. They are:-

1. The many years of experience OWNER'S NAME has within this Industry enables him to get the job done right the first time.

2. The Company has built up a solid reputation due to the quality of the work performed and therefore has gained customer loyalty, in turn promoting word of mouth advertising.

3. The level of craftsmanship is very high and performed on time and within budget.

2.0 Company Summary

[COMPANY NAME] is located in [ADDRESS], [CITY], [STATE]. The Company has been in business for 22 years and the current owner, OWNER'S NAME has been the sole employee for 12 years. [COMPANY NAME] is engaged in the installation of gutter systems and accessories.

2.1 Company Ownership

[COMPANY NAME] is an S Corp and OWNER'S NAME is the sole proprietor.

2.2 Company History

Due to the downswing in the economy, [COMPANY NAME] sales took a similar downturn in 2009. This is due to the fact that people had lower disposable incomes and therefore were less likely to require the Company's services. However, with the recent upswing in the economy, 2010's sales figures are projected to be a lot higher.

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