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Model And Talent Agency Business Plan template

Sample text from Model And Talent Agency Business Plan:

1.0 Executive Summary

The Company: [COMPANY NAME] established in 2011, has an outstanding reputation based upon integrity and superior results. [COMPANY NAME] is a licensed agency located in Alpharetta, [STATE] In addition to being a start-up agency in [STATE], we book talent nationwide. Our mission is to manage your entire project from start to finish, whether you are looking for models, actors, voiceover, photographers, stylists etc� [COMPANY NAME] represents both models and talent with divisions in Fashion Print, Plus Size, Runway, Kids, Lifestyle Commercial Print, Promotions, Showroom, Fit, and Television Commercials. [NAME] is the founder and creator of this agency. The idea came from his many years experience in the entertainment and talent industry. After 20 years in the talent and entertainment industry [NAME] decided to create an agency that carried the integrity that he felt was lacking in the world of entertainment talent.

Our Products: [COMPANY NAME] is a company who finds jobs for actors, musicians, models, and other people in various entertainment businesses. [COMPANY NAME] will focus not only in the agent part of the process, but the training. The training is a crucial part in the talents growth and work potential. The primary focus of [COMPANY NAME] will be to give crucial training and support for the future talents and entertainers of the world. Training will be given to each type of talent, from models to actors. The [COMPANY NAME] Classes Curriculum prepares students to enter the world of modeling with self-confidence, poise, and style. [NAME] offers training in these areas which is key to success in the modeling industry as well as in everyday life.

The Market: To become a commercial print model for magazines, catalogs, product ads, store advertisements, clothing ads, etc., companies are looking for "real people" types of all looks and sizes to advertise their products and services. These models are just what the name suggests: ordinary looking people to represent someone the average consumer can identify with in their ads. If you want to be a runway or fashion model you should be tall, long-legged and lean. The age range is usually 14-21 give or take a year. Fashion industry standards for Fashion Models is 5'8" to 6' tall, size 6-8 with average weight of 108-125lbs. This body type looks good on the runway and in front of the camera. Fashion Modeling may seem easy, but those with the training and experience are the ones most sought after. Taking modeling classes will help you learn the skills needed to become a successful model, or to just teach you confidence in general.

Financial Considerations: The current financial plan for [COMPANY NAME] is to obtain grant funding in the amount of $284,000. The grant funds will be used to expand the business in the following ways.

1. Secure building/build-out

2. Secure marketing

3. Secure start-up phase

4. Legal/Accounting

5. Hire employees

The major focus for grant funding is as follows:

• 100% Minority owned

• Hire additional employees

1.1 Objectives

The objectives over the next three years are:

1. Achieve profitability in year three

2. Expand our market share each year

3. Capitalize on the niche market

1.2 Mission

Our mission is to manage your entire project from start to finish, whether you are looking for models, actors, voiceover, photographers, stylists etc� As a leader in the industry, we take great pride in providing unparalleled service and reasonable rates for our clients. With our extensive network of contacts, we are able to fulfill even your most unique requests.

1.3 Keys to Success

Keys to success for the company will include:

1. Maintaining a reputable and untarnished reputation in the community

2. Quality care

3. Competitive pricing

4. Flexible hours

• • •

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