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1.0 Executive Summary


COMPANY NAME is seeking funding to implement a search engine with relevant online advertising and a digital data processing platform known as the INSERT PRODUCT.



The Company

COMPANY NAME is a Limited Liability Company with 100% of its ownership held by INSERT NAME.

Our Services

COMPANY NAME provides an online search engine for the restaurant and hospitality industry and INSERT PRODUCT providing digital processes for restaurant owners.

Financial Considerations

The current financial plan for COMPANY NAME is to obtain funding in the amount of $640,000. The grant will be used to to fund:

• Website development and design.

• Optimize the initial search engine.

• Provide funds for traditional advertising.

• Provide funds for guerilla marketing and promotional campaign.

• Fund operating expenses.

The major focus for funding is as follows:

To fund a company that is certified by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA) to provide environmentally responsible digital services to restaurant enthusiasts and restaurant owners, supporting their efforts to function in a manner that meets the environmentally responsible standards set forth by the Green Restaurant Association.

The GRA has a two decade proven track record of helping restaurants positively change their environmental impact in a way that benefits the bottom line, employee morale, and public relations. The GRA helps restaurants with the following suite of services:

Environmental Assessment

The GRA performs a comprehensive Environmental Assessment of the restaurant in relationship to Green Restaurant� 4.0 Certification Standards. This provides the GRA with the necessary baseline of points to help each restaurant improve its environmental practices and become a Certified Green Restaurant�.

Environmental Consulting

The Green Restaurant Association is the industry expert in helping foodservice operations become more environmentally sustainable. Since 1990, the GRA has been building the world's largest database of environmental solutions for the restaurant industry. Each restaurant client is assigned its own GRA consultant, who works closely with the restaurant to provide real and actionable solutions. Whether your goal is to decrease costs, become zero waste, or simply make a few changes that customers will see, GRA consultants will provide detailed solutions to help you reach your goals. GRA's consulting services include:

• Setting up a full-scale recycling program

• Identifying specific steps needed for Certification

• Determining the priorities of the restaurant i.e. employee morale, saving money, sourcing local food, etc.

• Selecting the best equipment, packaging, food, etc. and finding distributors that carry these recommended products

• Providing content for educational signage throughout the restaurant

• Providing annual employee education

• Finding local farms

• Securing rebates

• Performing cost analyses

• Troubleshooting

• • •

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