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Financial Ratios Worksheet

Profitability Ratios Calculation Percentage
Gross Profit Margin (%)    
Net Profit Margin (%)    
Return on Assets    
Return on Equity    
Sales Trend    
Local Savings Margin    
Local Savings to Local Assets    


Expense Ratios Calculation Percentage
Personnel Cost/Gross Margin    
Fixed Expenses/Gross Margin    
Other Expense/Gross Margin    
Operating Expense to Sales    
Bad Debt/Sales    


Efficiency Ratios Calculation Percentage
Total Asset Turnover    
Total Assets/Sales    
Days Inventory    
Inventory Turns    
Days Sales Outstanding    
Days Payable Outstanding    
Accounts over 60 days    


Liquidity Ratios Calculation Percentage
Working Capital    
Current Ratio    
Quick Ratio    
Working Capital to Sales    


Leverage Ratios Calculation Percentage
Interest Coverage    
Ownership Ratio ME/TA    
Local Equity/Total Equity    
Working Capital    
Working Capital Goal    



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