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I. Table of Contents    [page 1]
II. Executive Summary    [page X]
III. Business Description    [page X]
IV. Market Analysis    [page X]
V. Marketing Plan    [page X]
VI. Operations and Management Strategy [page X]
VII. Competitive Analysis    [page X]
VIII. Development Plan    [page X]
IX. Financial Statements    [page X]
X. Attachments    [page X]


People only have one body, and many of them know that taking care of it is paramount. For that reason, gyms will always be a profitable venture, since there will always be people and those people will always be looking for new ways to maintain fitness and health. {Name of gym} will provide just that, with a focus on {something the gym will do that sets it apart}. We will be a {type of gym it will be, with maybe a mention of some of the equipment and/or features it will have}.

Our customers will be those tired of the same old chain gyms they have seen before. They will be looking for a smaller gym that can give them more of a one-on-one approach to fitness. We will target people who are looking for a {type of environment/atmosphere your gym will offer, along with what kind of people will be there to help}.

We are seeking {money amount} for {purposes for the funds}. We believe we will be profitable within {amount of time} because the gym will {what you intend to do with the gym to ensure the profit}.


We are in the fitness industry, which is an industry that fluctuates year-to-year. And we know that some believe that the money spent on our service is “disposable income,” but our philosophy is that fitness should be important to everyone. We intend to heavily market this attitude, and we know that we can honor our philosophy by {state some concrete things that will help you live by the philosophy}.

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