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Media Publicity Kit Checklist template

Sample text from Media Publicity Kit Checklist:

Press Kit Checklist


When you have an interesting product or service, the news or other media outlet may want to interview you or otherwise provide coverage of your company. This means free publicity! Be sure you’re presenting your business in the best light, and also being helpful to reporters, by consulting this list.


You might include...

…press release about the business or product launch

…press release with a “news hook”—something new

…press release about an upcoming event

…fact sheet on company background, including mission

…company spokesperson contact information

…contact info for interview subjects, from front lines to CEO

…quotes from company sources and clients

…high-resolution photos of products, people, and events

…high-res JPG or PNG of company logo w/ branding guide

…list of commonly asked questions and their answers

…statistics and research to back up any industry claims

…links to company website and social media pages

…clips of past media coverage

…boilerplate description of business, products, etc.

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