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Personal Financial Statement template

Sample text from Personal Financial Statement:

Personal Financial Statement of:
As of :

Assets Amount in Dollars Liabilities Amount in Dollars
Cash - checking accounts
Current Debt (Credit cards, Accounts)

Cash - savings accounts
Real estate mortgages (describe)

Personal property (autos, jewelry, etc.)
Notes payable

Life insurance (cash surrender value)
Taxes payable

Retirement Funds (eg. IRAs, 401k)
Other liabilities (specify)

Securities - stocks / bonds / mutual funds
Other liabilities (specify)

Certificates of deposit

Notes & contracts receivable

Real estate (market value)

Other assets (specify)                  

Other assets (specify)

Total Assets (A)

Total Liabilities (B)

Net Worth (A – B)

Note:  Show only your personally held assets and liabilities (debts), not business assets or liabilities.

Sign and date this worksheet in the space provided, as your pledge that the statement is complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

  1. Prepare a list of all assets owned, even if not fully paid for. Use the amount you would get (in cash) if you sold the asset.
  2. Prepare a list of liabilities (money owed).
  3. Net worth = Total Assets - Total Liabilities

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