Business Plan Templates
Startup Financing Cover Letter template

Sample text from Startup Financing Cover Letter:



To: {Name}


{City, State, Zip}


Dear {Recipient},

Following up on our conversation {when/where}, I’m sending along our business plan for {Business} for your consideration. I am deeply appreciative of your interest in our venture and would be honored to be counted among the startups fortunate enough to earn your trust as an angel investor.

In summary, we will be {business model} targeting {customer base}. Market research indicates {opportunity}. There is currently a void in {approach/delivery/service}, and my company is poised to fill this need.

We are seeking {dollar amount} to fund {product/staffing/advertising/etc.}, among other startup costs that I can outline in detail at your request.

I am confident that your investment commitment would be at low risk and secure due to {market/factor}. Moreover, {reiterate business model}.

I’ll reach out to you in {time period} after you’ve had a chance to look over our plans. Please call if you have any questions at all. Thanks again.




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